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Saturday, May 9th, 2020

1 pm - 5 pm


Castine Center
63350 Pelican Dr.
Mandeville, LA

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Tickets are $25 for adults 19+, $15 for children from 6-18 years old, and free for children 5 and under.

The Safe Haven Foundation (SHF) was established in January, 2018.  It was formed with the intent to support the Safe Haven Project through volunteerism, fundraising and raising public awareness. Our primary mission is to support the vocation of Safe Haven – “to invest in the well-being of our own…and by doing so, invest in our future, because the physical and mental health of our residents – our neighbors, friends and family – is the cornerstone of our community.”


Safe Haven Campus

The Safe Haven Campus is the site of the former Southeast Louisiana Hospital which the State of Louisiana sold to     St. Tammany Parish in 2015. Southeast Louisiana Hospital opened in 1952 and included employee residences, a four-unit apartment complex, and an operating room. The campus grew over the years to include adolescent units, alcohol treatment services, a gymnasium, and vocational rehabilitation unit.

In 2012, then Governor Bobby Jindal announced the closure of Southeast Hospital. Parish President Brister and Senator Jack Donahue began to work towards a purchase agreement and in 2015 St. Tammany Parish purchased the 293.86-acre hospital campus. While working on the purchase of the property Parish Government investigated what to do with the campus after the purchase. It was clear the Parish is not a healthcare agency and should not provide clinical services. At the same time, behavioral health services were scarce in the Parish and should be protected and preserved. Through discussions the Parish became aware of San Antonio’s Haven for Hope. Taking inspiration for co-locating services and combing that with the needs of the St. Tammany community, the Safe Haven campus was born. The decision was made to keep the property long-term and to develop into a behavioral health continuum of care campus.

With the assistance of our community partners and a consultant, the Parish drafted a services implementation strategy for the campus. The strategy was presented to the public in 2016 at a town hall meeting. The Parish and its partners have worked to increase services at Safe Haven. Since the Parish purchase of the property the following services have come to fruition: the NAMI St. Tammany Day Center, an elementary school of the St. Tammany Parish School Board, and NAMI’s Closet. With the dedication of the community, this is just the beginning for what is to come.

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As the Safe Haven project evolves, the input and investment of the St. Tammany community is crucial to its continued success.  The Safe Haven Foundation will provide essential support through fundraising, volunteer manpower and public engagement.

The SHF is made up of members of the community who all believe that the mission of Safe Haven is one that will change lives for the better.

Safe Haven provides a collaborative healing environment for the behavioral health continuum by creating a high-quality, coordinated, sustainable and humane network of care anchored in St. Tammany Parish.

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Board Members

  • Jack Donahue - Chairman
  • John Bevington - Event Coordinator
  • Waylon Bailey
  • Pat Brister
  • Rachel Catalanotto
  • Peter Egan
  • Patti Ellish
  • Reid Falconer
  • Bryan Hodnett
  • Laurie McCants
  • Rick Murphy
  • Christian Lenahan
  • Kelly Rabalais
  • Todd Richard
  • Nick Richard
  • Jacki Schneider
  • Evans Spiceland

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For more information about Safe Haven and Picnic with a Purpose, please send us an email at:stpsafehaven@gmail.com
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